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Pefran Luxury Comfort has been present for 60 years in the artisan mattress sector: for this reason our company, based in Casarano in the province of Lecce, is now a point of reference for the quality and resistance of the products offered.

Our decades of experience allow us to offer our customers a rich and varied selection of excellent quality items: not only the best mattresses on the market, but also many customized solutions designed by us tailored to your needs. Only the best materials and the most innovative construction solutions find their place in our selection, all at attractive prices.

The quality of handcrafted mattresses

A good psychophysical balance also involves a good night's sleep: this is why choosing handcrafted mattresses that meet your specific needs is very important!

Factors such as height, weight, any problems with the musculoskeletal system and specific habits must be taken into consideration to find the most suitable product.


Pefran Luxury Comfort is the compass you were looking for to guide you in the infinite sea of products and prices that distinguishes the handcrafted mattress market: turn to our experience at the Casarano showroom, in the province of Lecce.

Francesco Petracca - "Mesciu Chicchi"

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