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Mobile Bonus 2023 - How it works

Also for 2023, you will be able to purchase a bed or mattressPefran luxury Comfort taking advantage of mobile bonuses.

The recognized deduction, equal to 50% of the expenses incurred, can be used by taxpayers who carry out building renovation works and who purchase furniture and large household appliances, of a class no lower than A for ovens, E for washing machines and dishwashers, and F for refrigerators and freezers, when filing your tax return. The furniture category, in addition to beds and mattresses, also includes bedside tables, sofas, armchairs, etc. In addition to the purchase costs, those relating to the delivery and assembly of the products can also be deducted.

To benefit from the deduction, it is mandatory that the start date of the recovery interventions of the building heritage began on January 1st of the year preceding the purchase. Therefore, for the purposes of accessing the benefit of the 50 percent deduction for 2023, the renovation works must have started on 1 January 2022. It is also mandatory to pay invoices by bank transfer or traceable payment systems.

Necessary documents to access the bonus, and to be kept for any feedback are:

  • Bank transfer receipt

  • Receipt of the transaction, if paying by credit or debit card, or documentation of the debit from the current account for payments made by bank transfer.

  • Invoices for the purchase of goods, reporting the nature, quality and quantity of the goods and services purchased.

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Purchases with VAT reduced at 4%

To be able to buy a bed or mattressPefran luxury Comfort taking advantage of the 4% reduced VAT rate, it is advisable to send a request to the email orby clicking here, with the following information:

  1. Type of product to purchase;

  2. Document and tax code of the person with the disability;

  3. complete disability attribution certificate of the person concerned;

  4. Prescription from the specialist doctor of the local health authority showing the functional connection between the impairment and the technical aid to be purchased;

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High quality luxury mattresses

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