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Memory Cervical


The Memory Cervical pillow has a double height shape with a partially perforated viscoelastic shape memory polyurethane core. The through holes allow the free passage of air and the rapid dispersion of heat and humidity.

Simply invert the position of the cushion to increase or decrease the support, which still remains balanced and is adjusted based on the heat of the head. The external cover pillowcase with zip is made of knitted fabric capable of absorbing body heat and then returning it in the form of FIR rays (Far Infrared Rays), positive, capable of promoting venous microcirculation, increasing immune defenses, positively stimulate the metabolism, have an anti-inflammatory effect on osteoarticular pathologies and a draining effect on water retention (especially in the lower limbs of women).

The fiber is 100% natural, non-toxic and contains no chemicals.

dettaglio memory cervical.png
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