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Line  CONTRACT HOTEL - Bed bases

Production of wooden slatted bed bases

In our showroom you will find a  rich range of orthopedic slatted bed bases, single, queen size and double and custom-made with  manual and motorized movements, mattresses, pillows and all the other products necessary to enjoy a perfect rest, night after night. We directly deal with the production and supply of bed bases and mattresses: this is made possible by our internal laboratory, where expert craftsmen create custom-made mattresses and bed bases, in response to needs of all types. Furthermore, we are available to our customers in the province of Lecce to make home delivery of all our products, as well as for the collection and disposal of used items.


In the adjacent photo, storage bed and ORTHOPEDIC bed base with high functionality thanks to the large compartment under the bed base and base with motor.

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SPECIAL 1 network

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SPECIAL 2 network

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